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In the field today ripping out a hardwood entry I pulled back carpet and it revealed a thermoplastic backing. I got no information from my brother other than 435 ft tile removal, 60 ft hardwood removal and the address. I left for work, one block away I recall the address and turn back around for a ramp I left off the truck, houses are elevated and the canals flood the homes. Anyway, I saw wrinkles in the carpet, and other areas I pulled off strip to grind close near the tackstrip the carpet was loose. So while leaving I ask the customer who did the carpet and how long it?s been down? It was the company who we were doing the work for, and it?s been down only a year, and they came out and stretched it 3 times, homeowner was not happy, they?re going with porcelain plank. My question, how does this carpet stretch? does the thermal backing stretch? Elastic enough to spring back? Homeowner said company has not had any problems, I said ?I know, you?re the only one!?
Category: Carpet Post By: TODD SANDERS (Flagstaff, AZ), 02/21/2019

Our shop hasnt sold much of it but no problems yet with what?s gone down

- ALEXANDER HARVEY (Downey, CA), 03/10/2019

I've sold a bunch with no issues. Never seen it wrinkle, but they do want you to double strip it. Maybe a bad install?

- SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 05/08/2019

It looked tweaked outside the master bedroom.(said they?re going to Restretch mbr after tile install) I think it lays flat and doesn?t compress, but raises upward, I think the new aero? Carpet is similar where the backing doesn?t loosen or compress.

- LEO BREWER (Newark, OH), 03/17/2019

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