Forum Title: Mohawk Smartstrand Silk? Smart cushion? What about pile height?
So I've taken way too long to figure this out and with baby on the way for end of September it's getting too close to not make a decision this week. Any help appreciated. We have 3 small bed rooms and really would prefer to have these carpets last as long as possible. Additionally, we really like the idea of longer, plush carpet. Textured cut (frieze?) and solid color are the other two wants. I've been to two local carpet stores. Both went right to recommending smart strand and smart cushion but have seen some on internet with less interest. I also decided to touch and feel and got hooked on the softness of the silk. There was one specifically called Cozy Comfort that seems great. It is 0.8 long though. While I have a Miele Soft Carpet vacuum I bought a year ago anticipating a plush carpet, is that just too much? There is another called Delicate Charm that is only 0.6 or so and same textured cut of smartstrand silk. Then I start reading... some don't even like smart strand? They say oils on your feet stick to it and makes it dirty quicker? Matteing and crushing also an issue? So it has me leaning towards the shorter version. I also see people saying barefoot on carpet is a bad idea? But we sleep barefoot. Head to bedroom after showering, etc. It feel comfortable to be barefoot. But will the silk or even non-solk version make being barefoot worse? And if we simply manage to be in socks more often then I suppose the soft touch of silk is less important. Then there is the pad... Again, some say the moisture barrier on the smart cushion is recommended. It wont soak in to pad or subfloor. Others mention it could make things worse and trap moisture. Any and all help appreciated. I already went forward (no color chosen so no order made yet) with Smartstrand Silk Delicate Charm, which is the slightly shorter frieze or textured cut style... with Smart Cushion. I can go with something else though if I'm making a mistake. Help appreciated. Sorry such a long post.
Category: Carpet Post By: ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 02/24/2019

The bottom line is it's a polyester carpet (not a great material). For the long haul you want to look at nylon. Will it work, yes. Will you get 20 years out of it still looking great, probably not. But if their just for bedrooms then chances are they won't get a ton of traffic.

- JOHN JOHNSON (Austin, TX), 04/17/2019

If going with this type then is it worth spending extra money for the longer height (and harder to clean) version? There is also a more even cut style called Gentle Essence that is same face weight as taller one at short length. It's less textured looking but is obviously denser. I think 3200 vs. 2600 on the other two. It's unfortunate if it's less long lasting though. There isn't that much foot traffic in the bedrooms but still would be nice to have it last 10+ or even 20+ years. What is recommended Nylon? I imagine different brands or styles can be softer? The local place we wanted to go with sells Mohawk... any soft carpet in Nylon I should look at? We are interested in the textured cut in the 0.5 - 0.75 range. But with smart strand... what about the Rhine test and the durability claims? And that nylon has a coating that wears in time?

- LORRAINE DAY (Bellevue, WA), 04/03/2019

Poly is poly no matter what they name it, it mats. It is a characteristic of poly. The fiber itself will last forever though. The only one that we might sell is a really dense one. Nylon is superior. Wool is best. Yes there are soft nylons. You are walking on your carpet with your feet and not your hands.

- ALFREDO SWANSON (Norwalk, CA), 03/03/2019

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