Forum Title: Variation in PetProof brand carpet
Hi Everyone, This is my first time on this forum. I have a question about variation in carpet batches. My wife and I recently purchased PetProof brand carpet from Home Depot. When it arrived we thought it didn't look or feel quite right compared to our sample. The delivered carpet felt less dense and seemed to hold imprints more clearly. The fibers seemed to be shinier too. I've attached two pictures (one in shade, one in full sun) of the sample and delivered carpet. We ordered it in style Gazelle II but we thought they might have sent us Gazelle I (style info below). We refused installation and Home Depot is investigating. So far they say that the paperwork points to the correct carpet being delivered and have sent a sample to the manufacturer for a density test. We are currently waiting on the results of that test. I expected there might be some slight variation in color, but did not expect the carpet to feel significantly different. I'm not sure how much you can tell from the pictures, but is this much variation expected between carpet batches? Thank you for any insights or advice! Logan PetProof Gazelle II (expected carpet): Material: 100% Triexta Face weight: 55oz Density: 3334 Pile Height (in.): 0.5938 PetProof Gazelle I (maybe delivered carpet): Material: 75% Triexta/25% PET Face weight: 45oz Density: 1620 Pile Height (in.): The HD website says 1 in., but that seems wrong
Category: Carpet Post By: CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 03/01/2019

From the pictures it sure looks like you got shamboozled. Shade variations are common in carpets, hell they usually cant even get it right from right to left, but those do look like 2 different qualities. Pictures are hard but thats my 2 cents

- DWIGHT LOVE (Winston Salem, NC), 05/10/2019

The problem I have is when you said they ?sent a sample off to the mill for verification?. All I can think of is how the eff do you not know what you ordered because mills don?t just send out the wrong stuff as often as some people would have you believe. What happens when it comes back as the correct carpet that you ordered? Dye lots vary, samples have already bloomed, blah blah blah but now you have it in your head that that is not the correct material.

- CLIFFORD BURTON (Kenner, LA), 05/11/2019

Hard to see if both carpets are running same direction, that affects the reflection/color. Rolled carpet fibers tend to lay down with pile direction and will reflect more light than an opened flat piece of carpet as the memory raises the fibers with no downward pressure from carpet being rolled up. Dyelots do vary, and if you dislike the texture/type/walk/vacuum marks its an issue of satisfaction with some customers. Make sure you?re happy now. With a machinists rule one could measure the warp and weft (length and width) of one square inch of each carpet to determine if both pieces were tufted equally. Along with height.

- CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ (Tinley Park, IL), 04/02/2019

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